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What a Success!


May and Cherry have just returned from a grueling three weeks of conferences and talks in China. By all accounts it sounded like a steep learning curve regarding visa requirements and how to give a presentation to parents in China, but they came out of it with enough students to go ahead with Gibside Summer [...]

What a Success!2017-03-24T13:16:23+00:00

Found a New Love


We, May and Frank, arrived a bit later than the others. Brian accused me of getting lost, however I had my reasons mainly consisting of Next and the wife. Anyway, the whole team arrived to see what Brian had in mind. This was either going to be madness or a mastermind. May, Cherry and Frankie [...]

Found a New Love2017-02-20T10:19:32+00:00

Jilted on Valentine’s Day


Breaking news: Nunnykirk no more!! At the 11th hour, due to contractual differences Nunnykirk will no longer be the venue for KMN 2017 summer camp. After our disappointment with the negotiations, we were left lost as what to do next. Nunnykirk seemed so wonderful, so beautifully unspoiled and idyllically English that we did not think [...]

Jilted on Valentine’s Day2017-02-20T10:16:53+00:00

Visiting the Sage


May, Cherry and Frankie went to the Sage to scout it for a potential venue for our closing ceremony. The Sage is a cutting-edge concert and conference venue with a bold curved design that has become iconic of Gateshead. Built in 2005, it is situated next to the Tyne Bridge, the unmistakable symbol of the [...]

Visiting the Sage2017-02-20T10:30:48+00:00

A Spot of Tee, Anyone?


Cherry and May went on a tour of golf courses around Morpeth for the summer school. They spied out Linden Hall (very nice) and N1 Golf Centre. Linden was the most plush with a 5 star hotel. And, no, they don’t play themselves.

A Spot of Tee, Anyone?2017-02-20T10:29:23+00:00

The tickets have been booked


May and Cherry are on their way to China to promote our new summer school at Nunnykirk. They fly into Xiamen on 25th February to give a conference to parents there. Then they will make their way to Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Guizhou before they leave Xiamen again on 17th March. Happy travels May and Cherry

The tickets have been booked2017-02-20T10:30:33+00:00

We are now incorporated


May Wang, Brian Pennock and Cherry Shao are now directors of KMN International Ltd after a month of creating the idea of a company to supply superior educational services to foreign students during the school holiday. Brian Pennock has many years of experience in the educational field in the UK both in formal state education [...]

We are now incorporated2017-02-20T10:31:20+00:00
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