Summer Camp 2018


KMN International Summer Camp of 2018 had all the ingredients of a summer not to be forgotten: good weather, good company and plenty of trips to interesting places. This summer has been one of the hottest on record, and the students definitely enjoyed it with all the activities that were arranged. This year, the camp [...]

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Gibside Summer Camp 2017


It was a challenging four weeks on many levels, but I am sure everyone involved would agree that it was a success. The teachers reached across the cultural and linguistic barriers to engage the students and made sure they had a fantastic time. Everything went to plan with the students doing English lessons every morning [...]

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Visiting the Sage


May, Cherry and Frankie went to the Sage to scout it for a potential venue for our closing ceremony. The Sage is a cutting-edge concert and conference venue with a bold curved design that has become iconic of Gateshead. Built in 2005, it is situated next to the Tyne Bridge, the unmistakable symbol of the [...]

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A Spot of Tee, Anyone?


Cherry and May went on a tour of golf courses around Morpeth for the summer school. They spied out Linden Hall (very nice) and N1 Golf Centre. Linden was the most plush with a 5 star hotel. And, no, they don’t play themselves.

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The tickets have been booked


May and Cherry are on their way to China to promote our new summer school at Nunnykirk. They fly into Xiamen on 25th February to give a conference to parents there. Then they will make their way to Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Guizhou before they leave Xiamen again on 17th March. Happy travels May and Cherry

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