May and Cherry have just returned from a grueling three weeks of conferences and talks in China. By all accounts it sounded like a steep learning curve regarding visa requirements and how to give a presentation to parents in China, but they came out of it with enough students to go ahead with Gibside Summer Camp.
Congratulations May and Cherry, very well done. They received one comment from an agent saying how surprised they were at how successful May and Cherry were for a new summer camp company. There is tough competition from established summer camps in the US, Australia, UK as well as in China itself.
What May and Cherry found was the winning selling point was our ethos of not just another summer camp with a generic English course followed by a random selection of activities in the afternoon, but a unique educational experience that we aim to impart to the young minds in our care. This is exemplified by our website sound bite: Building Character and Understanding, Not Just Knowledge! Our ethos is to get students to gain an understanding of the world around them so that they can be more rounded people who can think for themselves, through the medium of the English language. We do this through a cycle of instruction and practical engagement of Science, Drama, History and Sports. The aim is to make learning fun so that the students will leave with a hunger to learn and understand more of the world.