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Persistence is the Key

Energy and persistence conquers all things -Benjamin Franklin

Hard work beats talent every single time. It does not matter what your capabilities are, what matters is how you perform. Some days it will feel as if you are making great progress. Others days it will feel as if you have not accomplished anything. These are the days when you can get easily discouraged. You just have to remember that consistent action is better than no action. 

To all our hardworking students and tutors, May the force be always with you! 


Easter Egg Hunt !

Easter,  is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. The Easter egg itself was defined by early Christians as an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. The egg hunt game is often played by children to collect the hidden eggs and prizes will be given out for various achievements. 

So, did you hunt any KMN eggs this Easter? Prizes are on the way!



Happy Chinese Lunar
New Year of Ox!

KMN wish everyone a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2021! It is the Year of Ox, the 2nd year of the 12 year zodiacal cycle, as being symbolic of hard working attitudes and reliability!

New website is online !

Alongside the fresh start of 2021, we are delighted to announce that our new website is online now. More pictures and video clips from previous successful summer camp and our introduction of KMN online tutors have been updated to the content page. We are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please get in touch!



The New Era of KMN:
Online Tutoring 

With the online education becoming more and more popular at this such strange time, KMN is looking at to help our students remotely with online tutoring services. 

KMN has selected Britain based tutors with QTS at almost all subjects covering all key stages. With our business partners' promoting in China Mainland and Hong Kong, we have more and more students to join our online E-learning! 

The world is changing...

Due to the unpredictable Covid-19 virus widely spreading throughout the world in early 2019, national lockdown has been introduced unfortunately.  KMN has to cancel this year's summer camp despite that many of our students have made the pre-booking of the places to join us this year. The pandemic has changed the way  we are working and living, how long will it last is still a question. All of us, stay safe!



Summer Taster 
Course 2019

With the success of the last two year, KMN welcomes students once again in 2019. An Optimal programme plus more new places to visit, our staffs and students enjoy the beautiful British Summer. Lots of joys, loves and sweet memories!

Summer Camp 2018

KMN International Summer Camp of 2018 had all the ingredients of a summer not to be forgotten: good weather, good company and plenty of trips to interesting places. This summer has been one of the hottest on record, and the students definitely enjoyed it with all the activities that were arranged. This year, the camp started early with the students attending local schools for the first two weeks, some of them attending for three weeks. They made friends very quickly with the local students and at the end many exchanged contact details, hugs and even tears.

At the weekends they were impressed with York Minster, spent the day touring Edinburgh, experienced the magic of Alnwick Castle and gazed at the stars in Kielder Forest Observatory.  For the other two weeks, they had a racket at the Northumberland Club, putted around Parklands Golf Club and practiced their trot at Tilery Equestrian Centre near Kirkley Hall in Northumberland. 



Promoting Gibside Summer Camp 2018

Gibside Summer Camp 2017 was such a success we decided to do it again. KMN did another tour of duty in China to promote this year's camp as well as the other services we have on offer such as taster courses at schools in the UK and foreign student placements.

2018 KMN summer camp will be shorter and the format will be different but this is all for the better. We are working closely with Northumberland Tennis Club and Tilery Equestrian Centre to give a better educational experience to the students.

What a Success!

Congratulations! We had a successful  KMN Summer Camp for the first time. We received comments from agents and parents saying how surprised they were at how successful it is. 

What KMN found was the winning selling point was our ethos of not just another summer camp with a generic English course followed by a random selection of activities in the afternoon, but a unique educational experience that we aim to impart to the young minds in our care. This is exemplified by our website sound bite: Broadening Vision and Building Experience, Not Just Knowledge! Our ethos is to get students to gain an understanding of the world around them so that they can be more rounded people who can think for themselves, through the medium of the English language. We do this through a cycle of instruction and practical engagement of Science, Drama, History and Sports. The aim is to make learning fun so that the students will leave with a hunger to learn and understand more of the world. 



Visiting the Sage

KMN Directors went to the Sage to scout it for a potential venue for our closing ceremony. The Sage is a cutting-edge concert and conference venue with a bold curved design that has become iconic of Gateshead.

Built in 2005, it is situated next to the Tyne Bridge, the unmistakable symbol of the city of Newcastle just over the river from Gateshead. It would be great to hold our final event there and perhaps give a few awards for the kids’ efforts.

The tickets have been booked

KMN directors are on their way to China to promote our new summer school at Gibside. They fly into Xiamen on 25th February to give a conference to parents there. Then they will make their way to Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Guizhou before they leave Xiamen again on 17th March. Happy travels!



Welcome to the world

After a month of creating the idea of a company to supply superior educational services to foreign students during the school holiday, KMN International has founded in Newcastle upon Tyne.  


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